Parish Council Facilities

The Parish Council owns a few small areas of land in the Village (Laburnum Road field, Butchers Stile and the ground leased to Davenham Cricket Club) and is responsible for maintenance and up keep of these assets.


The facilities within these fields are regularly inspected by an external contractor and receive an annual independent inspection too.


Those of you who visit Laburnum Playing Field will have seen the new Fields in Trust plaqueThis recognises that the land has been legally protected for recreational use, keeping it that way for future generations.  We are currently going through the same process to protect Butchers Stile.


Great progress has already been made with improving our recreational areas, most recently Butchers Stile which was identified as a priority area in the Village Questionnaire. It now has its own BMX track, footpath and car parking area.

The mosaic Snakes & Ladders board and dice are a wonderful addition to the park expertly crafted by Jan Johnson and her volunteers.


We are extremely excited to see so many children enjoying the new play equipment including a zip wire, climbing apparatus and bucket swing.  A wonderful addition to the village!

We have recently planted over 300 trees across Laburnum and Butchers Stile including Oak, Rowan, Hazel and Hawthorn. This has been possible due to the government's Trees for Climate fund to address climate change and carbon mitigation through the planting of millions of trees. Thank you to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust for doing this for us - what a wonderful lasting legacy for our fields!