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New Parish Councillor Vacancy - SEPT 2021

Signed Notice of Vacancy Sept 21.pdf
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Signed Parish Councillor Vacancy Notice [...]
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Two Councillor Vacancies 2019.pdf
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Signed copy of notice of Council Vacanci[...]
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Davenham Village Resilience Plan

In liaison with Cheshire West & Chester (CW&C), Davenham Parish Council has commenced the development of a Community Resilience Plan. The Plan will hold data that allows potential assistance, of all kinds, to be rendered in the event of a serious or emergency incident in the village (e.g. local tradesman, temporary building or accommodation provision etc.). 

The Plan in no way attempts to take the place of the responsibilities or roles of the designated bodies or first responders but will collate information on skills and services from within the Davenham community which could potentially be called upon should the need arise.  

The Parish Council are keen to hear from businesses as well as individuals. If you are willing to potentially provide a service or equipment in the event of an emergency situation then we would like to hear from you for inclusion in the Plan. Please send details of the service or skill you can provide along with contact details to Thank you for your support. 


Footfall Survey Results October 2016 (not carried out during half term)

Pedestrian Crossing Results.pdf
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Laburnum Road Playing Field

Those of you who visit Laburnum Playing Field will have seen the new Fields in Trust plaque (picture attached).  This recognises that the land has been legally protected for recreational use, keeping it that way for future generations.  We are currently going through the same process to protect Butcher’s Stile.


Fields In trust Laburnum.jpg
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Davenham Parish Council's response to Land to the rear of 28 Church Street planning application - 16 dwellings (past responses can be found further down the page).

DPC 28 Church St 16 dwellings 1700565FUL[...]
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HS2 Phase 2 Consultation

Our councillors have attended various meetings in the area over the last couple of months to gather information on HS2 .  Our final response is attached below.

HS2 Consultation.pdf
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Letter to Antoinette Sandbach regarding Neighbourhood Planning


DPC Letter to Ms Sandbach 02-03-17.pdf
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Davenham Parish Councils reponse to Part 2 of the Local Plan

CWAC Local plan Part 2 - DPC's Comments[...]
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Proposal for a Wine Bar, 500-502 London Road.

This planning application has been refused by Cheshire West and Chester.

ufm32 (2).pdf
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Please find below DPC's full response to this application.

Full response 500-502 London Road.pdf
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Additional response 500-502 London Road.[...]
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Please see latest response from our local MP Antoinette Sandbach.

MP Response letter Mar 16 1.pdf
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MP Response letter Mar 16 2.pdf
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Land Adjacent, 28 Church Street, Davenham,   

Erection of 16 houses.  Planning Application No. 14/02349/FUL - Approved on Appeal

Yet another blow to the village of Davenham.  Please see below DPC's letters to Cheshire West in response to the Inspector's report and Chester and local MP Antoinette Sandbach.  Please note that the Inspector is totally independent from CWAC and CWAC also refused this planning application.

RES to INQUIRY REPORT Church St letter.p[...]
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DPC Letter to Ms Sandbach 08-03-2016.pdf
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The Inspector's report is below.

3005148 - Appeal Decision.pdf
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RES to INQUIRY REPORT Church St letter.p[...]
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Letter sent to our MP Antoinette Sandbach

DPC Letter21102015.pdf
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Please see letter below from our Chair Katie Mattinson with regards to the recent Fountain Lane decision.

Fountain Lane Residents.pdf
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 Land Adjacent, 51A Church Street, Davenham, Northwich, CW9 8NF  

Two detached houses with detached garage Application reference: 14/02049- For update please see attached document to the recent appeal.

Appeal Decision.pdf
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Final Report from the Inspector on the Local Plan

Paragraph 119 on page 22 relates specifically to Davenham.


Inspector's Report on Cheshire West and [...]
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DPC Responses to recent Planning Applications

Green Lane

This planning application was refused.

Green Lane Committee Meeting Date.pdf
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Please find below the Parish Council response to CW&C in opposition to the proposed housing development off Green Lane. 

Planning Response commentPDCref1404524FU[...]
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Jack Lane

We are pleased to confirm the Planning Officer for CW&C confirmed the planning application for houses on Jack Lane in Davenham was refused on 13th October.  The appeal has now been withdrawn! 

withdrawn letter.rtf
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Fountain Lane

The appeal was allowed by the Planning Inspector. 

Land at Fountain Lane appeal decision.pd[...]
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Hill Top Farm

This appeal was allowed by the Planning Insepctor.

Land at Hill Top Farm appeal decision.pd[...]
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Community Governance Review

Please find below the Notice of Decision and new Parish boundary maps from CW&C in relation to Davenham & Whatcoft parish.

Davenham Notice.pdf
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Sept_Davenham parish map.jpg
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