Neighbourhood Plan


As part of the next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan, the examiner has now written to Cheshire West and Chester asking for some additional information.   Letter below.



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Please find below various documents associated with the Neighbourhood Plan.

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The Neighbourhood Plan


The Parish Council is embarking on developing a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for Davenham. This reflects the Government’s renewed emphasis on planning at the local level. The Neighbourhood Plan will cover Davenham Village and Whatcroft and supersedes ‘Village Plans’.


The Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of helping local communities influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. Our aim is to use it to:

  • Develop a shared vision for the ‘neighbourhood’
  • Influence where new developments may be built, if applicable;
  • Identify and protect our important local green spaces
  • Influence the scale and design of new buildings
  • Protect and Improve the village infrastructure and built environment
  • Consider traffic, transport and parking issues
  • Enhance the conservation area and protected trees


The plan will need to conform with the strategic policies in the ‘Local Plan’ being prepared by our local planning authority, Cheshire West and Chester.

There will also be the opportunity to influence the Local Plan.


A crucial part of the process will be to seek to involve and consult the wider village community in developing the Plan; which will include:

  • Residents
  • Community organisations
  • Businesses
  • Property and Land owners 

The creation of the Neighbourhood Plan is a substantial piece of work. Government guidance suggests it is likely to take a couple of years and estimates costs to be considerable. An early part of the project is to work with Cheshire West and Cheshire to understand what funding opportunities and other assistance will be available to the Parish Council. It is our intention to work with Moulton Parish Council on Neighbourhood Plan issues of common interest to the two villages.