20mph Zone

Speed Monitoring


We so far have had a lot of positive feedback from people in and around the village with regards to our recent speed monitoring exercise.  


Hopefully we will repeat this again but we really cannot do this without your help. If you would like to get a small group of residents together, I will get the ball rolling for you to have some training on the Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D) and you can then go out and monitor trouble areas.  This information is then passed on to the police and CWAC so they can see where the problems are.  The only downside is the SID is rather cumbersome and heavy so it does need a couple of strong people to carry it to its destination.  We found a trolley was rather useful but it doesn't come with the S.I.D so you would need your own.


DPC would like to thank all volunteers so far - which include some children from Davenham Primary School - who have done a great job monitoring speeds throughout our village.


For more information, to set up a group or to register interest, please contact Vicky at Clerk@davenhampc.org.uk or Telephone 07443 579 057.