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Welcome to the website for Davenham Parish Council. The website will be regularly updated with important news and Minutes from the Parish Council meetings.


Chair's Reports

DPC Chair Report 2016-17_22May17.pdf
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Chairs Annual Report 2018.pdf
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Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan – 2015-2030


The Parish Council in 2017 embarked on the process of developing a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for Davenham which was finalised in December 2017 and which is set out below.


The Plan reflects the Government’s renewed emphasis on planning at the local level. The Neighbourhood Plan will cover Davenham Village and Whatcroft and supersedes the previous ‘Village Plans’.


The Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of helping local communities influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. Our aim is to use it to:

  • Develop a shared vision for the ‘neighbourhood’
  • Influence where new developments may be built, if applicable;
  • Identify and protect our important local green spaces
  • Influence the scale and design of new buildings
  • Protect and Improve the village infrastructure and built environment
  • Consider traffic, transport and parking issues
  • Enhance the conservation area and protected trees

The plan conforms with the strategic policies in the ‘Local Plan’ being prepared by our local planning authority, Cheshire West and Chester.


A crucial part of the process was to seek to involve and consult the wider village community in developing the Plan; which will included:

  • Residents
  • Community organisations
  • Businesses
  • Property and Land owners 

The creation of the Neighbourhood Plan was a substantial piece of work. Guidance recommends that the Plan should be revisited and refreshed as necessary every 5 years – the first refresh is therefore due by 2022.


Please click on our Neighbourhood Plan tab (to the right of this page) for full information on the Neighbourhood Plan.


Davenham and Whatcroft Neighbourhood Pla[...]
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Examiner Letter Davenham and Whatcroft 1[...]
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Davenham NP v 17 Master 30 Mar 17 small.[...]
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Parish Councillors

Chair: Cllr Ian Ryder

Vice Chair: Cllr Trevor Tutt

Parish Councillors: Cllr Andrew Hudson, Cllr David Ravenscroft, Cllr Paul Spare, Cllr Paul Lee, Cllr Ruth Wood, Cllr Graham Aitken

Parish Clerk: Elaine Hamlett




Please click on the documents below to download a full list of contacts and for a Register of Interests.


Your Parish Councillors 2021.pptx
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Your Parish Councillors 2020.pptx
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DPC Code of Conduct

DPC Code of Conduct.pdf
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Transparency Code for Smaller Authoritie[...]
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Our aim:

“You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”

Abraham Lincoln

Our aim is to please most of the people most of the time.

Our Role & Responsibilities


The Council's key role is to represent the interests of local residents and to lobby authorities such as the Cheshire West and Chester Council. As a democratically elected body, the Council's voice is always listened to.


In this Parish we are responsible for developing and maintaining the various playing fields we own and making sure that planning applications are consistent with the character of the area. We monitor the state of public footpaths and the general natural environment ensuring that litter is properly dealt with, and are often the first port of call for community groups and initiatives asking for support in financial or advisory matters.


If you have a non-urgent policing matter, please ring 101 and our local PCSO will investigate.